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Bruce Southwell

Bruce Southwell

I grew up in a small town (Lyons) in Northeast Nebraska and was raised by loving parents who taught me the value of hard work, respect, and kindness.  My Dad was in WW2 and was a Nazi prisoner of war and taught me the invaluable lesson to appreciate and be thankful for every day.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and was a high school teacher and coach.  In the 1980s I was an assistant football coach for many years at UNO under the Sandy Buda era. It was very unfortunate that the program was eliminated but we have a great Maverick Football network where players and coaches communicate on a regular basis.  It is great to see players whom I have coached now have families and are successful in their chosen fields.  I entered the insurance world as my own family started to grow as a way to pay the bills and I can say 30+ years later I have been fortunate to continue to do that.  

I am married to my wife Roxanne and we have 3 sons, 4 grandchildren and a chocolate Labrador named, Maggie.  I enjoy sporting events and have been a dedicated runner in the past and completed 11 marathons including the Boston Marathon.  My wife and I like going to movies and traveling when we can.  We love taking care of our grandkids and love returning them back to their parents!   

Mitch Southwell

Mitch Southwell

I was born and raised right here in Omaha, NE and have lived in Omaha for just about 25 out of my 31 years! I graduated high school from Millard North in 2005 before attending Kansas University where I graduated in 2010 with an Economics degree. After college, I worked in finance for a few years both at TD Ameritrade as well as at Bank of the West as a financial consultant. When my father Bruce made the move to the independent channel I left finance and joined Southwell Insurance Agency in May of 2014 and have been here loving every moment. I take great pride in working directly with my father and absorbing as much information as I can. It makes me proud to tell people that we are a true family run agency!!  

Outside of work I also enjoy hanging with my family and friends. I have two small dogs (3 when you add in my girlfriends) named Weezy and Larry who you may catch in the office on any given day and who also take up almost all my time outside of work. I am an avid college basketball fan cheering on my Jayhawks. 

I look forward to growing relationships with all of you and want to assure you that you that Bruce has taught me a wealth of knowledge, so whether you are talking with him or myself I would hope you feel just as comfortable!!

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What Our Customers Are Saying... 

We recently switched our insurance policies based on our previous positive experience with Bruce Southwell. When we understood that we would save over $500 a year and receive more complete coverage we moved our insurance to Bruce and Safeco and have been pleased with the results.


We recently changed our insurance coverage to the Bruce Southwell Insurance Agency . Mr. Southwell is an experienced and knowledgeable agent who is happy to fully answer questions about insurance. His expertise was valuable in putting together an insurance package covering our specific needs. The result was that compared to our previous policy we now have not only better coverage but also at significantly less cost.

Jim K.

Ihave known Bruce for approx. 28 years. Ihave relied on his advice and knowledge in the span of those years. We continued to move with him to his new venture as well. This saved us approximately $1000 a year on insurance premiums WITH better/more coverage. He did all the footwork in transferring our policies so the change was easy and transparent for the most part. He is responsive to our questions and his customer service skills are excellent.

Cindy G.

Bruce Southwell had been our insurance agent for thirty seven years and when he informed us that he could offer us better coverage at a lower cost by switching companies we jumped at the chance. The change was easy and we are now enjoying better coverage on our home and cars as well as a savings of over $600 a year.

John P.

My wife and I have been with Bruce for 25 years,maybe a little longer. Bruce has been there for us and helped us through these times and understood our needs. I'm very glad to know him and have him represent us,this man is someone you can trust. Thank you Bruce Chuck S.

My husband and Ihave been insured with our agent, Bruce Southwell, for about 30
years. Bruce has always been an outstanding agent for us. We recently left him for a year or so due to the rising cost of our previous insurance. However, since he has started Southwell Insurance Agency we returned to him, preferring to be with someone we have known and worked with for a long time, and he also was able to save us over $300 annually on our auto insurance. We would highly recommend Bruce for your insurance needs. He is a great guy!

Judy D.

Bruce Southwell has been my insurance agent for over 25 years. This long track record of friendly, professional service is why he is still my insurance agent, and now, with his independent agency, is also saving me money on my home and auto insurance premiums.Iswitched insurance companies; Idid not switch insurance agents.

John R. Omaha, NE

I want to thank you for your help in switching my insurance. I had been looking at different options as my insurance was increasing at my previou s company. You
had been my agent for 18 years and had always served me well. The opportunity to have you as my agent again and to get policies tailored to my need s was ju st what I needed . The policie saved me approximately $200 per year and are better than what I had.

You made the whole process seamless and the transfer went without a hitch.

Thank you again and have a wonderful 2016.

Geri E.

My wife and I have been with Bruce for 25 years, maybe a little longer. Bruce has been there for us and helped us through these tim es and und erstood our need s. I'm very glad to know him and have him represent us this man is someone you can trust. Thank you Bruce

Chuck S.

The reason we switched from the former company, is because Ifelt like they were not working in our best interest .After you left, the new representative was less than diligent with our account .After speaking with you, we made the decision to switch. It saved us money, and we are back with the agent that has taken care of our insurance needs for about 20 years.    Dan J.

"I made the switch to the Southwell Insurance Agency after having been with my prior insurance company for years. It seemed like Iwas taken for granted and based on what Iwas seeing in the industry, my rates just didn't seem to be competitive. I had worked with Bruce Southwell years ago, and when Ifound out he had his own agency, Iknew Ineeded to inquire about my coverage needs! Bruce was very helpful in getting my rates reduced on my homeowners, auto, and even an umbrella policy! Additionally, Bruce made recommendations on provisions of my policies
that Icould adjust to obtain even greater savings. I'm very pleased with the quick responses and great pricing that Iget by working with Bruce Southwell."

Phil L.


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